As seen on NPR, the Discovery Channel and at Burning Man 2018.

When we first ran into our pal Joe Dounoughe in 2016, he was test-driving his amazing new hands-on invention, a human-powered hamster wheel that could grind ice. Smart fellah that he is, he realized this wheel had the potential to do more than grind ice: it could make snow cones and change lives for the better by getting people on their feet and into adventure. We were in love!

As the inventor said, “If someone laughs at your idea, there just might be something interesting there worth exploring.”

We knew we had to bring the magic of that hands-on/ feet-on experience to our own community. We asked Joe to build us one, and soon a hamster wheel was delivered to our door. Adding our own bells and whistles and an homage to that most famous Maker, we dubbed it the Da Vinci Snow Cone machine. Since then, we have brought our amazing machine all over the country from Louisiana to Pennsylvania, Texas to Virginia.

We have had the pleasure of bringing the wheel to schools, camps, seasonal haunts, renaissance festivals, maker spaces, corporate events, art walks, festivals, farmer’s markets and more.

At 8’ tall, 4’ wide, and 8’ long, the wheel rolls in to most any level space, requires no electricity, and inspires creativity, activity, and laughter. Bring Da Vinci Snow Cone to your next event!